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Finally the long awaited new album by Of The Wand And The Moon is on the stores
and after several listenings I´m ready to say it´s an awesome piece of music.
The classic style of the band, emerging from strong Death In June influences,
is still present and the electronica looming from time to time at certain moments
is now more incorporated to the music.
Still you may find separate folk songs and ambient songs,
but believe me if I say in this album there are synths sounding folky and chords sounding ambient;
labels are totally stupid when music is so inspired as in this case;
the instruments are summoned in sort of a ritual to perform music close to nature, great music,
nevermind how you define it.
Some songs embrace the synths with a smile, and like sonic clouds they bestow you a gentle rain of notes
you can feel penetrating your soul.
“Nighttime in Sonnenheim” is the best example to illustrate my words, you have the typical traits of OTWATM,
namely guitar chords, Kim Larsen´s whispers and the melancholic everflowing sentiment,
but moreover the listener can taste the synths behind the music providing their own touch to the whole.
Not to forget the basic traits of OTWATM are folk guitars and whispers,
and this track (and most of the songs) are based on those.

There´s no complexity in the performance of the music, the notes breathe by themselves.
The same as charming tune “My Black Faith”, just guitars, words crept, a background synth.
And the magic... the formula is simple but powerful.
Not only these mentioned tracks are beautiful, there are others also amazing able to move you.
In addition, elements as drums, accordion, handclaps, weird backing vocals...
appear sporadically and hardly ever they sound out of place.
At this point I should remark the relevant collaboration of Andreas Ritter from the excellent folk act Forseti,
taking part on “Sonnenheim” with some voices and his accordion in several tracks of the album.
This is mesmerizing dark folk music to dive into the depths of nature´s essence.
The runes are cast, their music vast. “Take you friends to the feast / It´s nighttime in Sonnenheim”...

written by Fjordi


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