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Of the Wand and the Moon is the neofolk project of Kim Larsen from Denmark.
With this project he released several more or less succesful albums, like Nighttime Nightrhymes, Emptiness, Emptiness, Emptiness and Lucifer.
Favorite songs like ‘I Crave for You’, ‘A Dirge’ or ‘Brace Yourself’
can be listened to at every self-respecting neofolk party
and Of the Wand and the Moon have become a well respected neofolk project
which keeps itself far distant from dubious imagery and symbolics,
so perhaps they could only be accused of moments of boredom.

This however has to do with taste and personally i like the music of Of the Wand and the Moon very much.
It is neofolk in a fairly sober and pure folkstyle, unless the abundantly added extra instrumentation
and electronics, on this new record that appears via the Heidrunar Mykrunar label, erected by Kim Larsen himself.
It is a pleasure to listen to a neofolk album of one of the best bands from the ‘Death in June school’
since more than two years of abstinence, especially given the enormous flow of martial releases lately,
with which we almost forget that neofolk is mainly about beautiful songs.
Beautiful songs are there for sure on this album. ‘Nighttime in Sonnenheim’, ‘Honour’, ‘My Black Faith’, ‘Camouflage’
or the musicwise comparable ‘Hail Hail Hail II’, it just doesnt stop.
Also instrumentals like ‘Hollow Upon Hollow’ or the ritual sounding dark opener ‘Black Moth’
are very much worth the effort.
At the end the album weakens a bit with some fillers, but it ends strongly again with ‘Winter Solstice’.

Of the Wand and the Moon has got musical support on this record of a.o. Andreas Ritter of Forseti on vocals
and accordeon, John van der Lieth of Sonne Hagal on drums, Fenella Overgaard for female backingvocals
and especially Niels Ronne who works together with Kim Larsen in Of the Wand and the Moon more often.
This album is a recommendation. The artwork finally is very beuatifully crafted in white with golden print design.


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