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Review at (In English)

The Danish project Of The Wand And The Moon strikes back
with a little jewel merging neo-folk and medieval music.
Set up by Kim Larsen this project has already an impressive number of releases in their discography.
The front cover of "Solanaceae" is a kind of cartoon from a medieval happening.
It looks a bit childish and funny and definitely not controversial (which isn't always true with this kind of releases). Musical wise this album embraces dreamy and wafting sonic explorations.
I sometimes get the impression to hear the male pole of Louisa-John Krol.
"Solanaceae" is of course much more medieval and minimal-like,
but some kind of ballad impression can be linked to L.J. Krol.
The main neo-folk influence appears in the end of the album with the excellent "Samorost".
The dreamy character of the album excels in a kind of musical poetry revealed during the "O Deep Woods"-song.
The main instrument remains the acoustic guitar,
but other instruments (mainly played by guest musicians) like violin, glockenspiel, Appalachian dulcimer
and even accordion are joining in.
The lyrical content of the Larsen's song once more reflect nature elements
symbolizing an emotional content.
The music is sometimes quite happy-like in comparison with some lyrical elements.
Of The Wand And The Moon is one of these bands needing no further facts to confirm their talent and status
of leading band in its genre.
This new album is one more achievement in the band's history!



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