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Review at The Shadows Commence

It’s no secret that I admire OF THE WAND AND THE MOON, highly.
It’s no secret I consider Kim Larsen one of the most important and eccentric musicians of modern time.
Thus, it should be no secret I really long for the follow up to the smash hit ”Sonnenheim” released in 2005.
It’s still not announced though.
Kim has been busy ever since, writing and composing songs for his new project SOLANACEAE and the first album was recently published on his label Heidrunar Myrkrunar in regular cooperation with Tesco.
It’s still dark folk, but in a different manner.
His evolution could maybe be compared to the one of WERKRAUM that went from industrial tingled neofolk
to a more complex, psychedelic folk sound resembling the 60’s and 70’s in many ways.
My expectations on this release were enormous but after listening to some samples I understood
I had no reason to be worried, Kim would complete this task with brilliance, and now, with the full result in my hand,
all I can do is to check another prophecy answered.
Also, not unlike WERKRAUM, this album was recorded in close affinity of dear friends.
We get to meet some that Kim has been working with earlier,
containing Fenella and Anne from OF THE WAND AND THE MOON, John from SONNE HAGAL,
Vincent hailing from SOLBLOT and mr. Laird from UNTO ASHES.
Also present during the recording were some friends from the Little Somebody Records;
Those who’ve heard Little Somebody stuff will pretty much know what to expect from this album... A strong,
mystical mood, warm and dusky plucked acoustic guitars and a wide range of other organic instruments.
A splash of STONE BREATH and, as I mentioned earlier, an ounce 70’s psych-folk.
It all seems to be very influenced by old time traditions, fables, tales,
nature in general and the strong connection between the musicians.
Love is really pouring out of the speakers as I write and it’s easy to be dragged along with the feeling.
The red thread through the tracks is, I think I’ve mentioned it already, the acoustic guitar.
Whether a track is instrumental or not, the guitar is alway in focus. The melodies are interesting;
both minimal yet very polished and evocative at the same time, and the songs are usually built up by an intro part,
a verse part, a chorus part and a climax part where guitars, violins, cellos, flutes
and accordions are in perfect balance, creating some of the most fulfilled
and enchanting folk music in a very long time.
The lyrics, written mainly by Kim or Michael Laird (apart from one by SONNE HAGAL-John and one adapted),
are of an absolute world class and not unlike the tunes,
also the these will get splashed with superlatives such as beautiful, magical and dreamy.
Nature hasn’t felt this alive in ages and faiths are portraited with a huge dose of drama.
Vocals are provided by, you’ve guessed it, Larsen, Laird, Van Der Lieth and the ladies, in a fine blend.
All this is bound together by a perfect production and really amusing art-work, as you can see above.
This will absolutely remain one of the best albums of the year, of that I’m sure.
Can’t express how blessed mankind was due to this release.
The spring is here, welcome Sun, welcome SOLANACEAE! Det er dejligt!


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