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Review at Filth Forge :

A beautiful and intriguing cartoon artwork, portraying a medieval fair with knights, peasants, jesters and freaks, welcomes the listener to the debut work of Solanaceae,
a side-project started by Kim Larsen (:Of The Wand And The Moon:)
together with members of other appreciated folk bands, such as Unto Ashes, Arrowwood, Solblót and Novemthree.
In comparison to the latest outputs of the Danish mother band,
the blind imitation of the Death In June model has been fortunately replaced by a more traditional folk approach,
with acoustic instrument only, conjuring a delicate and evocative atmosphere.
Songs like "I Saw Them Through The Pines", "The Blood Of My Lady", the epic "Midnight Garden",
or the instrumentals "Nakkiel II" and "Fenella" are the most representative examples of Solanaceae's sound,
with beautiful use of violin, accordion, glockenspiel, bodhrán, singing bowls,
and even uncommon instruments like the Appalachian dulcimer.
The music of this self-titled debut album stands fortunately aside from the usual three chords
of the most fossilized neofolk, to embrace the medieval and traditional folk ways of bands like
Unto Ashes (not by chance, Michael Laird is one of the main forces here).
Kim Larsen's low-key and soporific vocals work very well with these gentle melodies,
whereas in the latest :Of The Wand And The Moon: they seemed to lack the epic approach demanded by the music, and the voice contributes of Chelsea Robb (Arrowwood), John Van Der Lieth (Sonne Hagal)
and Michael Laird offer an interesting variety.
Solanaceae won't fail to satisfy any follower of the most crepuscular acoustic tales,
and also those looking for something different from the predictable schemes of the same old neofolk.
- Simon V.


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